The CICT has outlined its purpose in the following statement:

The Australian construction industry employs 1.2 million people, which accounts for nine per cent of the total workforce, and has a significant impact on communities everywhere.

But there are problems in the industry which diminish the lives of those who work in it, along with their families. Both the work and the hours of work are excessive and unhealthy, with some activities being physically and psychologically demanding. The workforce lacks diversity and stress levels and suicide rates are among the highest in the country. The industry is not seen by many as an employer of choice.

The industry, governments and researchers have come together and set up a taskforce to address this. By December 2020, our job is to develop and set a cultural standard which will change the nature of the industry, give our workers back their quality of life and encourage more talented people to find great careers in construction and infrastructure.

The CICT includes representatives from the public and private sectors as well as academia and has established a series of subgroups which are developing the content for the Culture Standard.

Further information on the work of the CICT will be available on its website when the initiative enters its consultation phase in 2020.

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