Roberts Co


Roberts Co

In Australia, the Roberts family name is synonymous with the construction and property sector. Drawing upon decades of experience in construction contracting and a rich family heritage in the industry, the company was launched in Sydney in 2017 in joint venture with Italian family-owned construction group Impresa Pizzarotti. The company was called Roberts Pizzarotti and focused on commercial construction contracts from airports to health, leisure, tourism and hotel developments in Sydney.

In 2021, Andrew Roberts acquired Impresa Pizzarotti’s shareholding and rebranded as Roberts Co, a 100% Australian owned entity.

In 2022, Roberts Co acquired six operational projects of Probuild, including its subsidiary Monaco Hickey, marking its launch into the Victorian market.


The company opened its first office in WA in 2023, securing a contract to deliver an exceptional residential product to the west coast. 

Roberts Co has active and completed projects in health, education, commercial, residential, hospitality, large scale industrial, life sciences and defence sectors. 

The team continues to grow and be excited by the vision to drive positive change in the Australian construction industry and to ‘build a better way’.