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Future of Construction Summit and Australian Construction Achievement Award Gala dinner

We are delighted to partner with FuturePlace in bringing forward a national conference in May 2022 to provide further opportunities for industry and government to come together. The conference, known as the Future of Construction Summit, will be held over two days from 4-5 May in Sydney. Find out more here.

The Australian Construction Achievement Award (ACAA) gala event will be held on the evening of day 1 of the Future of Construction Summit. The award, arguably the construction industry’s most prestigious, recognises the best of the best in construction. It is awarded to projects that meet or exceed substantial criteria incorporating design, innovation, financial and operational deliverability, environmental, sustainability and safety, amongst others.

Stage 1 award entries close on 20 January 2022. Visit the ACAA website to enter.


Past event resources

Australia Build Week

In this webinar, our National Policy Lead Kate Raymond explains the need for clients and industry to work together to achieve a net zero future. In terms of  procurement, there are a number of factors that can bring about real change, including procuring with the whole of the asset’s life in mind; delivery models/drivers; and the nature of specifications.  View the recording.

Engineers Australia – Thought Leaders Series: Supply chain and project delivery webinar

In this webinar, our CEO Jon Davies shares his views on the interconnectedness of the construction industry. In order to address these challenges we need to shift our thinking of how the construction industry works from an industry made up of defined sectors, tiers and linear supply chains to a highly connected, complex network of suppliers, trades, designers, contractors and clients. View the recording.

InEight – What to know when developing capital project contracts (27 October 2021)

Participating in this InEight webinar, our CEO Jon Davies shared his views on the need for industry to compete on its ability to innovate and play to its strengths rather than compete on its willingness to accept unpriceable risk.  View the recording.

RICS – Managing the delivery challenges of Australia’s Infrastructure Pipeline (25 October 2021)

In this RICs webinar, our CEO Jon Davies discussed the need to attract more women to the industry. View the recording.

Canadian Construction Association Annual Conference (March 2021)

Participating in the Global connectedness panel, our CEO Jon Davies shared insights on the challenges facing the Australian construction industry and the opportunity for change. View the recording.

Engineers Australia Infrastructure Thought Leaders Series: Stimulus and Recovery Funding – A project owner perspective (March 2021)

“Construction is often viewed as a zero-sum game. If I win, you lose. We don’t spend enough time at the front end of the job aligning expectations and outcomes – if we did it is possible to have a win win outcome. We can get more bang for buck if we spend more time up front aligning interests, so we are all working together if problems arise.” These are just some of the important points our CEO Jon Davies raised at the webinar. View the recording.

International Women’s Day 2021

In celebration of International Women’s Day #IWD2021 we developed a short video highlighting some of our progress in removing the barriers and improving the attractiveness of the industry to our future employees.

There is still a long way to go but we are making diversity and inclusion part of our day-to-day conversation and are committed to change.

View the video.