FF24 - Agenda

FF24 Agenda

FF24's plenary session is open to everyone. It will feature a unique setup: a circular stage in the middle of the room, hosting TED-style talks and interactive discussions.

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FF24 - Leaders' roundtables

FF24 Leaders' roundtables

Like the COP summit, FF24 will see around 1000 participants, including 100 influential leaders from government, private sector asset owners, industry, unions and academia for special group discussions.

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Tickets selling fast

Don't miss out on the start of a movement for change.

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Final FF24 discussion paper

Final discussion paper in FF24 series released

Our final FF24 paper, "Data-rich Future," is out now!

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Dedicated to a sustainable construction industry for Australia

The Australian Constructors Association (ACA) is the national body representing Australia’s leading construction, infrastructure and services companies.

We collaborate extensively across the sector and represent the views of industry leaders to help shape government policies to ensure Australian communities receive high-performing assets and services from the infrastructure, building, resources and energy industries.

Our goal is to create a more sustainable construction industry for the benefit of all.

We believe that a sustainable construction industry is built on the three key pillars of equitable and aligned commercial frameworks, a positive industry culture, and sufficient capability, capacity and skills to execute the projects it is called upon to deliver.

It is an ambitious goal but an achievable one if the sector pulls together.


‘Nailing Construction Productivity’

Our report, Nailing construction productivity, reveals there is no shortage of solutions available to drive construction productivity but the sector’s ‘operating system’ requires a complete overhaul to realise the benefits.


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‘Disrupt or Die’ – Australia’s construction industry is at a crossroads

The poor productivity performance of Australia’s fourth largest industry is costing the economy $47 billion annually and is indicative of a business that is stuck in the past.


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The Future Australian Infrastructure Rating (FAIR)
is an initiative to bring forward a national consistent approach to implementing broad industry reforms.

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