The Construction Industry Leadership Forum (CILF) was established due to commercial, and capability and capacity pressures caused by the significant pipeline of current and future government infrastructure projects in NSW, Victoria and other states. This pressure highlighted a need for new approaches to procurement and project execution to ensure the industry remains sustainable and able to effectively and efficiently respond to the community’s infrastructure needs.

CILF aims to drive improved collaboration and action around procurement and delivery of major government infrastructure projects, including addressing capability and capacity constraints.

CILF has aligned on a number of initiatives for 2021/22 that will target significant reform.

These initiatives are:

Value for money: Redefining value for money and developing performance measures to enable benchmarking of project outcomes.

The value for money initiative will endeavour to develop a framework to enable assessment of value for money beyond existing time and cost considerations. Designed to avoid tender processes that encourage a ‘race to the bottom’ the framework will seek to value non cost components such sustainability, culture, local content and development of workforce capability and capacity. This initiative will also investigate ways to measure and benchmark outcomes in all these areas.

Procurement reform: Improving collaboration across projects and through selection of appropriate commercial frameworks.

The Procurement Reform initiative aims to develop guidance on project packaging and selection of appropriate commercial frameworks that increase industry collaboration during the procurement and delivery of infrastructure projects. This will also include investigation of opportunities to harmonise procurement / delivery processes and contract forms across delivery agencies and jurisdictions.

Capability and capacity: Developing leaders and enhancing the capability, capacity and attractiveness of the industry.

The capability and capacity initiative will develop and implement strategies to improve project leadership training for both client and contractor teams focused on managing complex projects. It will also develop guidance on the effective administration of the procurement process to improve in house capability and capacity within the public and private sectors.

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