The Australian construction industry is integral to the economy. It is the third largest industry in the country, employing 1 in 10 people and contributing almost 8 per cent of GDP. The industry is being called upon to rebuild the Australian economy post COVID with every $1 spent on construction contributing $3 to the wider economy.

However, productivity growth in the construction industry has lagged other major industries by 25 per cent over the last 30 years and it is the second worst performing industry for digital innovation. In addition, the Australian construction industry has very low diversity (only 12 per cent of its workforce are female and the figure drops to around 2 per cent for onsite roles), mental unwellness (twice the national average of suicide) and is facing significant pressures due to recent substantial inflation of materials and labour combined with slim profit margins.

Well-researched plans for reform have been developed by government aligned with calls from industry. These reforms can be found in the 2021 Australian Infrastructure Plan. If implemented, the plans would unlock significant productivity gains in the vicinity of $15 billion every year. Moreover, implementation of reform recommendations will finally address the fundamental issues threatening the sustainability of the entire industry—the industry that accounts for 25 per cent of all insolvencies in Australia and rising.

Our purpose is to be a trusted partner and voice for the construction industry, brining stakeholders together to influence and advocate for a sustainable and progressive industry. We do this through public and private sector collaboration, submissions and research. Here are some of our advocacy efforts aimed at supporting a more sustainable industry for the benefit of all.