Culture in Construction is an initiative of the Construction Industry Culture Taskforce. It focuses on improving the culture of the construction industry.

Research commissioned from BIS Oxford Economics, the Cost of Doing Nothing Report, finds that these cultural issues are costing the Australian economy nearly $8 billion annually due to workplace injuries, mental illness, suicide, long work hours and a lack of diversity. At a time when we are preparing to deliver on an unprecedented infrastructure pipeline and fill an additional 105,000 jobs by mid-2023, we need to act quickly to improve productivity by supporting our workforce and adopting a more sustainable approach to our work.

Since August 2018, we’ve been working to develop a new Culture Standard which will lift the productivity and performance of construction and address the major issues holding back our industry. The  three elements of diversity, worker time for life and wellbeing have been identified through independent research as needing to be addressed to change and improve the industry’s culture (Report – Triple Wins: Work Hour Cultures for Health, Safety and Gender Equality in Construction).

Once the Culture Standard is finalised, governments will be called upon to incorporate compliance with the Culture Standard into their standard procurement requirements.

The Taskforce works alongside the Construction Industry Leadership Forum, a joint forum of leaders from industry and the Victorian, NSW and Queensland public sectors. CILF aims to drive improved collaboration and action around procurement and delivery of major government infrastructure projects, including by addressing capability and capacity constraints.

Visit: Culture in Construction website.

Listen: 3AW Interview by Dee Dee Dunleavy with Jon Davies – 10 November 2021


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