ACA Working Parties

The Australian Constructors Association (ACA) operates working parties in critical areas to drive improvements for the construction industry. These working parties bring together industry experts drawn from ACA members, and engage with governments, regulators, industry associations and other entities to tackle issues and pursue outcomes on behalf of industry.

Each working party is mentored by a member of the ACA Board of Directors, and reports to the ACA Board at their quarterly meetings. Membership of the Working Parties is open to all ACA members.



Safety in the construction industry is a high priority for the ACA and its members. This working party pursues improvements in a variety of areas where safety concerns are prevalent.

A range of guides have been produced to assist industry in improving safety on topics such as lead indicators, safety culture, safety in design, electrical safety and leadership capabilities.



The sustainability of the construction industry is critical for the continuing development of Australia. This working party aims to safeguard the future of the industry by adopting a holistic approach to sustainability; incorporating social, environmental, economic and governance issues.


Workforce Development

This working party aims to ensure that a sustainable pipeline of people enter into employment within the Australian construction industry.

The key focus for this working party is the Build Your Career initiative, which showcases the benefits of working in the construction industry to students, parents and careers advisers.


Commercial and Contractual

This working party aims to improve the commercial  environment within which the Australian construction industry operates.

The use of sustainable procurement models and contract terms in the tendering of major projects are encouraged via this working party, as well as regulatory and legislative reform to ensure the ongoing viability of the industry.


Workplace Relations

Improvements in industrial relations outcomes for the construction industry are pursued by this working party. It focuses on unlawful action on sites, legislative and regulatory protections, and strives to provide a unified voice for contractors regarding industrial relations issues.

The ACA is dedicated to promoting a sustainable construction industry for Australia

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The Australian Constructors Association (ACA)

The Australian Constructors Association (ACA) represents leading construction and infrastructure contracting companies.

Association members operate globally, with member companies in Australasia, Europe, Asia, North and South America and the Middle East. Collectively ACA member companies have a combined annual revenue in excess of $50 billion and employ over 100,000 people in their Australian and international operations.

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Safety Initiative

The ACA and its members have continued the progress of their Safety Initiative with the launch of a series of guidelines aimed at assisting the building and construction industry to improve its safety performance.

The documents were released at a function in April 2015 and supplement reports released last year on Safety Culture and Safety in Design. This function was attended by supply chain participants, industry professionals, regulators and government authorities.

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