Tiers no more—simple solutions to the problems of a complex system

It has been suggested by some that one way to address this problem of shortages is to break up large projects into smaller packages of work that can be undertaken by ‘Tier 2’ and ‘Tier 3’ contractors. This assumes there is some magical pool of resources sat waiting to be tapped. Read More

The time to act is now – not in 5, 10, 15 years!  

The much-anticipated 2021 Australian Infrastructure Plan did not disappoint with its recommendations, but it fell short in one critical area—its implementation timeframes.  Read More

Limited window of opportunity for procurement reform

This opinion piece by Jon Davies, CEO of the Australian Constructors Association was published in the August 2021 edition of Infrastructure Magazine. Read More

Vaccination only way forward for construction

The construction industry breathed a sigh of relief this week with work recommencing on sites across Greater Sydney, albeit with a 50 per cent cap on peak workforce levels. But many construction workers, particularly those under 40, are understandably left wrangling with the notion of getting vaccinated to be able to attend sites. Read More

You can’t pour concrete with one arm

Some Sydney construction sites have started with the rattle and hum of just a few workers, while many sites remain closed. This is a far cry from the touted grand re-opening of construction and the issue is not confined to NSW—it is a National concern. Read More

View from the helm

One year ago, I became CEO of the Australian Constructors Association. The appointment was never part of my career master plan. I have been involved in the construction industry for over 30 years, undertaking commercial/ contractual roles for major contractors, and it has always puzzled me that we find it so hard to make money. Read More

Construction needs collaboration not conflict - Review of Grattan Institute report 'Megabang for Megabucks'

The Grattan Institute’s latest report on the cost of Australian infrastructure provides some useful recommendations that unfortunately are overshadowed by poorly supported claims that further damage an already fragile construction industry. Read More

The Case for an Australian Construction Playbook

Across the globe, governments are relying heavily on the construction industry to help rebuild their economies through investment in the construction of new infrastructure, but the system used to procure and deliver these projects is fundamentally broken. Read More

Collaborative Australian Construction Contracting with NEC4

COVID-19 has highlighted the importance of collaboration between all parties when impacted by a common risk or threat. Collaboration is also essential when embarking upon complex endeavours such as the design and construction of infrastructure and build environment projects. Read More

The Glue That Binds Our Industry Together

The Australian Constructors Association (ACA) published a series of documents late last year that analysed the most pressing problems facing the industry and, importantly, charted a clear way forward. Read More