Construction needs collaboration not conflict - Review of Grattan Institute report 'Megabang for Megabucks'

The Grattan Institute’s latest report on the cost of Australian infrastructure provides some useful recommendations that unfortunately are overshadowed by poorly supported claims that further damage an already fragile construction industry. Read More

The Case for an Australian Construction Playbook

Across the globe, governments are relying heavily on the construction industry to help rebuild their economies through investment in the construction of new infrastructure, but the system used to procure and deliver these projects is fundamentally broken. Read More

Collaborative Australian Construction Contracting with NEC4

COVID-19 has highlighted the importance of collaboration between all parties when impacted by a common risk or threat. Collaboration is also essential when embarking upon complex endeavours such as the design and construction of infrastructure and build environment projects. Read More

The Glue That Binds Our Industry Together

The Australian Constructors Association (ACA) published a series of documents late last year that analysed the most pressing problems facing the industry and, importantly, charted a clear way forward. Read More