Industry sustainability hand in hand with financial stability

What remains abundantly clear is that in order to achieve the urgently needed improvements the industry needs, it must first become financial sustainability. Read More

All’s fair in procurement and delivery? (guest blog)

In the construction industry, we endorse ‘fairness’ as the paramount guiding principle for project procurement, delivery and commercial close out. But what does this mean for each phase of a construction project? Read More

Fixed price not value

It seems that Clough’s administrators have quickly learned construction’s dirty little secret: the commercial model for major construction projects is broken and not benefitting anybody, least of all the industry itself. Read More

Upholding NSW’s 10-point commitment

ACA's response to Infrastructure NSW's report on progress made by NSW Government agencies in embedding the 10-point commitment over the 2022 financial year. Read More

Disrupt or die

Whilst not the same size as Carillion, Clough is one of the biggest contractors in Australia and the news that it has entered administration is no less significant for the construction industry here. Read More

High wages for low productivity is not constructive

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what price a graph or in this case two? Read More

Should Cost - why it unlocks a more effective way to deliver

Should-Cost Modelling’ is a phrase you might start hearing a lot more in procurement discussions. It’s a costing method designed to inform clients of fair value very early in the project. Read More

Complex systems thinking - rethinking the Australian construction industry

Complex systems are all around us, from the climate to the stock market, to world wars and ant hills… and to mega projects and the Australian construction industry. Read More

Time to attract women to construct

Construction is one of Australia’s largest and most highly skilled industries, and it is also a bastion of male domination. Just 12 per cent of the construction workforce are women, meaning the industry is missing out on employing half the working population. Read More

Productivity is the skills silver-bullet, not migrants or training

It may seem heresy to say this but increasing migration will not solve Australia’s critical workforce shortage—particularly Australia’s third largest industry, construction. Read More