The Australian Constructors Association (ACA) has released its Strategic Plan for the next three years outlining priority areas for achieving a more sustainable construction industry.

ACA President Cathal O’Rourke said the plan outlines a clear ambition to strengthen each of the three pillars supporting the industry: culture, capability and capacity, and commercial frameworks.

“ACA’s purpose is to bring construction stakeholders together to influence, advocate and generate a sustainable and progressive industry”, said Mr O’Rourke.

“We recognise that our industry needs to play its part and we are committed to doing this, but we are calling on all industry stakeholders to work together to ensure Australia benefits from a strong and progressive construction industry.”

ACA CEO Jon Davies said with government relying on the construction industry to help rebuild the economy, the time for change is now.

“Through strategic actions outlined in this plan we are charting the course for a more sustainable industry”, said Mr Davies.

“Strategic partnerships play an integral role in achieving our vision.

“The Construction Industry Leadership Forum and Construction Industry Culture Taskforce—joint collaborations between the ACA and governments of NSW and Victoria—are focused improving the effectiveness and value of the procurement and delivery of government infrastructure programs and improving industry culture.

“One of the key actions is to set and adopt a new Culture Standard to deliver great careers for workers and an economic boost for the nation—this will be an international first for the industry.

“The greatest challenge however is achieving consistent and widespread adoption of best practice across all the States, Territories and delivery agencies.

“This is why we believe that the Federal Government needs to play a more active role in incentivising and coordinating reform.”

Mr O’Rourke said, “I am confident this plan will help us create a forward-looking, productive industry that embraces new ways of doing things, while being a diverse industry of choice for the next generation of the workforce looking for a safe, challenging and rewarding career.”

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Download the 2021-2024 Strategic Plan.