Construction industry leaders have now set their sights firmly on supporting the supply chain and gearing the industry up for the reopening of construction sites.

Australian Constructors Association CEO Jon Davies said the situation needs to be carefully navigated to protect the sustainability of the entire industry, including the supply chain.

“The construction industry has a very long tail and we need to ensure all parts of the industry are supported so that we can spring back into action when the lockdown ends,” said Mr Davies.

As the industry body representing the nation’s major contractors, the Australian Constructors Association and its members work with a wide range of stakeholders including individual owner-operators and small firms.

“You can’t deliver the state’s major infrastructure projects without the full supply chain intact and we have real concerns for the smaller businesses who will undoubtedly find cashflow a major issue,” said Mr Davies.

The Australian Constructors Association is taking a holistic approach to minimising the impacts of the shutdown on what is an extensive supply chain.

“If the pause goes beyond 30 July, it could bring smaller contractors to their knees due to cashflow issues.

“The state’s ambitious infrastructure program will not get delivered with a broken supply chain.”

The Government’s support measures for impacted workers is welcomed however many workers will need to dip into their leave entitlements to get through this period.

“The consequences for workers will be significant if the lockdown is extended.

“Further, we are calling on the Government to work with private sector developers to ensure that construction business that operate in the commercial building sector are appropriately supported.

“We are meeting daily with government to collaboratively work through the issues and find a way forward,” said Mr Davies.