The Australian Constructors Association welcomes the full reopening of the NSW construction industry.

Australian Constructors Association CEO Jon Davies said the removal of the workforce cap reflects the positive response by construction workers to the call to get vaccinated but also the collaborative approach taken to reduce the risks of COVID transmission.

“The process in NSW has shown that good outcomes can be achieved when everyone is aligned,” Mr Davies said.

“Construction is now the exemplar industry in NSW having further tightened existing comprehensive protocols and implemented enhanced COVID-safe management plans.

“Staggered starts, sectioned zones, QR codes, Bluetooth tracking technology and most recently rapid antigen testing, have all been part of the solution.

“Leading the initial Rapid Antigen Testing trials, members of the Australian Constructors Association have been instrumental in the broader adoption surveillance testing as a further mechanism to detect potential risks.”

While the tightening of protocols has been part of the solution, the ultimate gamechanger has been strong vaccination rates.

“Our approach to vaccinating the construction industry has been to encourage and facilitate,” Mr Davies said.

“From member awareness campaigns to toolbox information sessions with medical experts and paid time off to get vaccinated, we have done everything possible to encourage and facilitate vaccination.

“NSW construction workers are to be commended for responding to calls to ‘get the jab done’.

“The response has been so strong that we were starting to turn away vaccinated workers to remain within the 50 per cent workforce cap.

“Pleasingly, the NSW Government kept its word, and we now have a scenario where we can fully reopen.”

Australian Constructors Association is proud to be part of ongoing collaborative discussions between industry, unions and government.