The Australian Constructors Association (ACA) has today announced it will bring the equivalent of the Conference of the Parties (COP) Summit to Australia’s construction industry, revealing plans for Foundations and Frontiers (FF24) – a new tripartite construction industry forum to be held on 8 August in Sydney.

Also referred to as FF24, ACA CEO Jon Davies said the forum will be a catalyst for an industry-wide response to the most pressing issues facing Australia’s construction industry.

“Much like COP and the World Economic Forum, FF24 will provide a unique platform for all construction stakeholders to address the sustainability of the industry, collectively pave the way forward and commit to changes that will secure the industry’s future,” said Mr Davies.

“Invitations have already gone out to over 100 of the most influential leaders in government, industry, unions and academia. They will be part of exclusive discussions in breakout rooms, which it is hoped will spark a series of major industry announcements.

“This event isn’t just for leaders. All of the industry will have the opportunity to see and be involved through the plenary sessions with exposure to the exclusive breakout room discussions.”

FF24 was conceived out of the need for a large tripartite forum that spans all jurisdictions, building on the concept of the National Construction Industry Forum, to address the challenges facing the construction industry in an inclusive yet action-oriented manner.

In its current form, the construction industry is not able to deliver the infrastructure and projects that are needed, when they are needed and at a price that can be afforded. The gap between the available workforce and the workforce needed is growing whilst productivity is stagnating and costs increasing.

“In a similar way to the threat posed by global warming, this is a matter of national importance that requires a coordinated national response,” said Mr Davies.

“FF24 will not just be an event but a legacy for all of Australia and a first for global construction.”

The ACA is urging all of industry to rally in support of much-needed change.

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