The Australian Constructors Association welcomes today’s commitment by local, state and federal governments to progress the South East Queensland (SEQ) City Deal.

Australian Constructors Association CEO Jon Davies said aligning all three levels of government is an effective way to take the politics out of infrastructure.

“The SEQ City Deal is about outcomes—not projects,” said Mr Davies.

“It is about planning that starts at the head and not the tail.

“Government may have signed the dotted line, but the private sector also has an important role to play in delivering the deal.

“When all three levels of government work together they become better at defining the problems and the opportunities so the private sector can come up with solutions.”

With the record investment in infrastructure across the nation, government must involve industry in the decision-making to ensure projects are delivered efficiently.

The Australian Constructors Association has developed a ratings initiative to improve the sustainability and productivity of the construction industry—the initiative is called the Future Australian Infrastructure Rating (FAIR).

“FAIR is proposed for implementation on all Federally funded projects and would apply to projects from the SEQ City Deal,” said Mr Davies.

“If implemented, the ‘FAIR’ initiative would create an environment where participating organisations work together to deliver the best possible outcomes for all.”

The Australian Constructors Association looks forward to working collaboratively with government and industry to progress the deal.

More information on FAIR.