There have been some COVID cases on construction sites in Sydney. Anyone with the slightest of symptoms should not come to work—doing so will put the whole site at risk. Instead, get tested immediately and isolate until a negative result is confirmed. Head contractors should be vigilant to ensure that any person with symptoms or cause to get tested should not be allowed on site.

Information about local testing clinics is available here.

QR codes will be mandatory from Monday 12 July. They will assist NSW Health assess and manage the risk from any onsite infections more quickly and effectively. The more information available to NSW Health, the more effectively and quickly they can assess and manage risks from any onsite infection. It is important that all workers and drivers check in using the QR code and Customer Service app. They should also check out. The more reliable and comprehensive the check in/check out information, the better NSW Health can determine a proportionate approach to risk assessments.

To reduce the risk of spread, large sites are encouraged to keep areas segregated and to minimise unnecessary movement around the site. Similarly, risk assessments of infections by NSW Health are more effective if there is information about how areas are segregated and how workers move around the site.

While construction is exempt from mask wearing, where it is practical to wear masks in any indoor area this will reduce the risk of spread. Further, time in meal sheds should be minimised and distancing should be practiced with different groups kept separate.

Despite some disruption, our sector has largely continued to operate since the  outbreak of COVID-19 . Whilst the pandemic has been a challenge, we have adapted and changed quickly.

Let’s keep up the good work. Stay safe.