“As a nation, Australia’s productivity performance is disappointing but the performance of the construction industry, which happens to be one of the country’s largest sectors, is even worse,” Jon Davies, Chief Executive of the Australian Constructors Association said today.

“The industry’s persistently poor productivity is not a recent issue; it has plagued us for over three decades. In fact, our current productivity levels are even lower than they were 30 years ago.

“The Australian Constructors Association has been actively advocating for the annual $57 billion productivity opportunity within the construction industry to be realised. This opportunity is not just a hypothetical concept, but a tangible and attainable goal.

“We have plenty of suggestions to grasp the opportunity. Many of these suggestions involve simple changes to how projects are procured, delivered and governed.

“What we need now are willing partners to help achieve it and what better partner than the government? As the Nation’s largest procurer of infrastructure, the government can lead the way and drive change throughout the industry.

“From the Federal Government down, improving the productivity performance of Australia’s construction industry must be a national priority and we stand ready to play our part.”