The Australian Constructors Association welcomes the release of the NSW Government’s progress report on agency performance against the 10-point commitment to the construction sector.

ACA CEO Jon Davies said the NSW Government should be commended for making good progress across the board and increasing collaboration with industry.

“We have seen some great examples of best practices and a positive trend in the government’s genuine partnership with industry,” said Mr Davies.

“We may not fully support every score, but the fact that many indicators hit 100 per cent while the industry still faces challenges shows it is time for a new set of transformational commitments.

“The 10-point plan, created in 2018 before the pandemic, addressed pertinent issues at the time. However, the landscape has evolved significantly since then.

“With the construction industry currently grappling with a workforce shortage of 229,000 and substantial budgetary pressures, it is imperative government revisit and update the approach.

“We’re calling for a National Construction Strategy that reflects the current realities and secures consensus on procurement principles at a national level.

“The fact is, we need a new set of transformational commitments.

“The conversation has already started, and we are pleased by the receptiveness of governments to this need.

“We look forward to collectively agreeing on a bolder approach to transformational change.”