Pilar Gomez is a senior HR professional with over 20 years’ experience across a diverse range of industries, having worked in the banking, telecommunications, engineering and construction sectors.

She began her career with ACCIONA Headquarters in 2004 having held a number of roles including Program Development Co-ordinator, Director of Management and Executives (Headquarters) and ACCIONA Agua Director of Human Resources. Pilar currently holds the position of HR Director for Acciona’s Infrastructure business in the region of Australia, NZ and South East Asia.

With tertiary qualifications in psychology and human resources, together with her Executive MBA and Masters in Labour Relations, Pilar has a great understanding of the impact people make within a business and the importance of aligning an employee’s commitment and motivation with business objectives.

From an industry perspective, Pilar recognises the necessity of investing in training all employees on the importance of diversity and equality so that each employee is accepted and treated fairly throughout the entire lifecycle of the employee’s engagement.

Pilar acknowledges that the construction industry has improved significantly across aspects involving both behaviour and salary gap, however there is still significantly more to be done. She continually strives to make a personal contribution to drive the change that is so necessary.