It is with great excitement that we share the Australian Constructors Association 2021 Year in review report. This report outlines our priorities, reform activities, advocacy efforts, thought leadership and communications. An inside look into how our association operates is also provided.

As outlined in the report, this year was like no other. As with many industries, the COVID pandemic put construction to the test—even more so than the year before. But the test was not limited to keeping the industry open. Tasked with rebuilding Australia’s economy, the construction industry is facing a tidal wave of work and failure to deliver is not an option.

We believe COVID provides a once in a generation opportunity for reform. With record investment in infrastructure, the time for change is now. We have responded with speed and agility to fast-track reform initiatives and have built momentum for creating a more sustainable construction industry.

Above all, this year has shown the power of collaboration. The industry as a whole has come together and with government to respond to COVID and unite for reform.

View the 2021 Year in review.