Board Members


Nick Miller

Vice President, ACA
Managing Director
Fulton Hogan Ltd

Nick was appointed Managing Director of Fulton Hogan Ltd (NZ), Fulton Hogan Construction Pty Ltd (Aus) and Fulton Hogan Industries Pty Ltd (Aus) in January 2010. He is also the director of a number of Fulton Hogan subsidiaries and joint ventures in New Zealand and Australia.

Nick was formerly the Chief Executive of Fulton Hogan Ltd and he has over 20 years’ experience in various civil engineering and management roles, including as Chief Executive of Isaac Construction. Nick’s qualifications include a BE in Civil Engineering (Hons) from Canterbury University and a New Zealand Certificate of Engineering. He has also been awarded a Fellow of IPENZ for his leadership in the engineering profession.

In addition to being a Director of Fulton Hogan, Nick has held a number of external Board positions including Australian Constructors Association, Roads Australia, and Roading New Zealand.