Board Members


Martin Monro

Chief Executive Officer, 
Watpac Limited

As Chief Executive Officer, Martin is responsible for the overall performance of Watpac’s operations and in turn, delivering value to the company’s shareholders. In partnership with the Board, he drives Watpac’s strategic direction to maintain its reputation as one of Australia’s leading, national contracting and property development groups.

Watpac delivers building construction, mining contracting, civil contracting, specialty construction (such as refurbishments) and property development across Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia. The company has been listed on the Australian Securities Exchange since 1985 and has approximately 7,500 shareholders.

Martin is committed to driving Watpac’s 1,300 employees to work as one team to achieve innovative and quality solutions for the company’s clients. In doing this, he is dedicated to safety being the company’s number one priority. In his previous role as Watpac Construction National General Manager, he led the development of a national, harmonised OHS framework which has underpinned the company’s approach to safety leadership.

Career Overview

Martin Monro has more than 20 years’ combined experience across the construction and associated industries in both Australia and abroad. Martin joined Watpac in 2004 as part of Watpac’s acquisition of Grant Constructions, which he then led as Managing Director. Martin went on to head Watpac Construction in New South Wales and was promoted to the role of Watpac Construction National General Manager in 2009 where he effectively led a national team of construction and project management specialists. In this role, he consistently and successfully drove the division to achieve strong financial returns and grew the team into new markets and new Australian states. Prior to being appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of Watpac in August 2012, Martin served as Acting Chief Executive Officer from May 2012.

Martin is a Director of a number of Watpac Limited subsidiaries and is a participant in numerous industry bodies including as a National Council Member for the Australian Industry.

Martin is a member of the Board of the Australian Constructors Association, an association dedicated to making the construction industry safer, more efficient, more competitive and better able to contribute to the development of Australia.

He has formal qualifications in Psychology and Human Resources Management, and is a graduate of the Accelerated Development Program at the London Business School.